Monday, 9 July 2018

HashKoin A Cryptocurency Based on the Waves-Ng Blockchain is about to launch in Nigeria.

Hashtrade Gateway Limited has announced that they will be expecting to launch their flagship web platform in Abuja Nigeria on the 28th of July 2018.  The platform will enable the subscribers to buy and invest the Hashkoin cryptocurrency as partners on the platform.  The company has planned to insure the whole system to a tune of at least $14 million, they explained that due to the volatility of the market, most companies doing investment business tend to crash in the first few months.  With this move they plan to secure their subscribers investments.

They explained that due to the fact that the "Koin" is meant to be relatively stable on the market, at $2.88- $3 per hashkoin, the investment system on Hashtrade.Ltd is to enable earnings from 0-5% daily by partnering with the company.  These earnings will be obtained by the trading of the coin by the company which then shares out the earnings. The launching of hashkoin investment platform is planned to take place in Maitama Abuja, the date and venue will be released, and invitations sent to TV and Radio stations before the date, they explained.

Hashkoin is  now available on the Waves-Ng platform.  Hashkoin eventually plans to migrate to the DAG blockchain, but is currently doing its ICO on the Waves decentralised exchange. The web investment platform consists of 15 levels of investemen and four levels of dealership.

Waves is an open-source blockchain platform, developed, marketed, and operated by Waves Platform AG,[2] that allows users to launch their own custom cryptocurrency tokens.[3] Whilst other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be traded on external exchanges, and Ethereum allows users to create new tokens on the platform using a smart contract, Waves includes this functionality in its core software and wallet. Users can create, transfer and exchange blockchain tokens on a peer-to-peer basis, paying transaction fees in the native WAVES token.

The platform has a fixed supply of 100 million WAVES and uses a network consensus algorithm based on Bitcoin-NG,  updated for proof-of-stake networks, called Waves-NG. Waves uses trusted gateways to issue blockchain tokens backed by fiat money and digital currencies for use on its own platform.

Waves was founded in 2016 by Alexander Ivanov, a Russian physicist, with development funded by a crowdsale held in April and May 2016. Waves’ community and development is international, with a wide range of initiatives built on the platform and based in different locations around the world. (Wikipedia)



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